I feel like I’m having affair with Renn’s lady writing about The Master. He’s the tip of CHUD’s spear when it comes to Paul Thomas Anderson’s Scientology infused feature. It’s impossible not to be excited about the film as it’s sure to be challenging, interesting, beautiful, and odd in all the right ways. Yahoo Movies just debuted a poster [another example of the movie studios giving the underdogs a scoop] and it’s a very devout kaleidoscope. For those who don’t know, the film tells the story of a young man (Superlip Swing-Away) who falls into the controlling ways of a mentor (Capote Gaffigan) and the twisty labyrinth of ideas they travel together in a culty thing not unlike L. Ron Hubbard’s posthumous running joke.

Reviews of the film portray it as long and dense and deep and tricky. So of course it’s at the top of our most wanted list.

Scientology’s weird (and not a religion really) but after last week’s Chick Fil-A nightmare, is it any worse than most other religions?