At CHUD we’ve never been the least bit bashful about our love of Terry Crews in general, and certainly not about how much we love his batshit amazing character from Idiocracy. Crews is always a man of great joy and power, but few have ever knocked it out of the park or left us wanting more from a comedic character than the man behind U.S. President Dwayne Elizondo Mountain Dew Herbert Camacho.

And goddammit, he may be back.

As those that have the happy privilege to be a part of the cult of Idiocracy know, the film is a Mike Judge effort that tested poorly and cut a little too deep for Fox, who unceremoniously dumped the film back in 2006. There are even rumors that it only got finished at all because Mike Judge’s Austin homeboy Robert Rodriguez donated some of his in-house effects team’s time towards finishing the stalled film. In any event, after its humiliating run at the box office, the film has lived on in the hearts of those that recognized its brilliance right away, or have since stumbled upon this undervalued gem. I guarantee few of those folks would hesitate to credit one actor in the film more than any other: the Expendable’s biggest gun himself, Terry Crews.

In 2007 it was actually a CHUD interview with Terry Crews that Jeremy Smith broke the news of Crew’s own continuing enthusiasm for the character, and his plans to find a way to bring him back.

“I can’t wait to play him again. I am waiting for a reason to play him one more time. I don’t care if it’s the MTV Movie Awards or something. Camacho’s coming back. I love all of my characters, every last one of them, but he’s so special.”

Now, in a chat with Movie|Line ,Crews has followed up on that thought and revealed his nagging at Mike Judge may have finally manifested in a new, small project that would bring President Camacho back to the world. It’s not a movie cameo or a TV show, but a much better alternative: a web series.

“Me and Mike [Judge] are talking right now with Fox about some Camacho stuff. We literally met with Fox a week ago. It’s so cool… We’re going to see what it becomes, but we got approval from Fox to do some stuff. We’re going to start off on the internet and do some small interstitials with Camacho. We’ve just got to gauge the interest and Fox wants to start slow… you’ve got to let it take off.””

I pretty much buried the lead on this article under that mountain of Crews-love up there, but there you have it.

Oh man, I hope one day soon I can start penciling in President Camacho Addresses The Nation (or whatever) alongside Between Two Ferns as my favorite web series to look forward to as often as they can be made.

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