The Mad
You want DVDs? We’ve got DVDs, my friend. Hot on the heels of our many other contests, we’d like to give away three copies of Genius Products’ new zombie/comedy The Mad, starring Billy Zane. Yep, Billy Zane, who was evil in Titanic, and wants nothing more from his life than the chance to prove how refined are his comedic talents, and to breed unstoppable sea anemones. Will you let us give them away?

To score one of these three discs, I want you to be creative. Send me an e-mail at with "MAD" in the subject line. In the body, describe exactly what you’d like to preserve in a world gone mad; or, if you were to become the monster, where would your unslakable thirst lead you? You’ve got until next Friday to get your entries in. At that point, I pick the best responses, and those three get a copy of the disc, with its fresh scent intact.

Look for more coverage of this fun flick in the coming weeks, with a full DVD review from yours truly, and hopefully an interview with the director and one of the writers, who also wrote the recent and decent Dead Mary.

Press release follows:

*The Feeding Frenzy Begins on DVD May 22, 2007 from Genius Products*

SANTA MONICA, CA – Billy Zane (/The Phantom/, /BloodRayne/) stars in the deliciously disgusting zombie horror */The MAD/* sizzling on DVD May 22, 2007 from Genius Products. Not for the weak stomached, this grotesque DVD will be available for $19.95 SRP.

Serving up heaping helpings of gore, */The MAD/* pushes the popular zombie horror genre to the limit with gut-wrenching sound effects, gallons of goopy blood and over-the-top special effects. The prime fresh, grade-A cast also includes Jordan Madley (/American Pie Presents: The Naked Mile/), Maggie Castle (/Dead Mary/) and Rothaford Gray (/Warriors of Terra/).

A road trip through the countryside turns gruesome and deadly when diner patrons are transformed into relentless flesh-hungry zombies. Blood-thirsty fans of the genre will get their fill with a Behind the Scene Featurette and a Deleted Scene featured on the DVD.