you dwell in the Windy City of Chicago, and you’re intrigued by the
notion of Kevin Costner killing people without the benefit of a JetSki
and/or harpoon gun, then this is for you. And also you.

Mr. Brooks
is the story of …Mr. Brooks (Costner) – a seemingly normal family man
who’s plagued by a murderous alter-ego (William Hurt, friends!). Hunted
by a tough cop (Demi Moore) and blackmailed by Dane Cook (?!!), Earl
Brooks’s mask of sanity might just slip.

By the way, Matt Schultze is in this. That should be enough for you right there.

Chicago screening is May 31st, 7:30 PM at the AMC River East, and we’ve
got 25 passes for two courtesy of MGM. You want one?

Shoot me an E-mail with MR. BROOKS
in the subject line, and tell me how you’d like to see Kevin Costner
kill Dane Cook if the MPAA wasn’t around. That should be fun.

Be sure to include your NAME AND MAILING ADDRESS.

Mr. Brooks opens wide on June 1st.