(As sternly requested by Fox’s Intellectual Property Department, we’ve removed the two unauthorized images of a bald Timothy Olyphant. Sorry ’bout that!)

Hey, I’d rather be in Cannes firing off a review of last night’s opening film, Wong Kar-Wai’s My Blueberry Nights (even if it’s "Wong’s reheated leftovers" as Mike D’Angelo claims over at Screengrab), but wishin’ and whinin’ ain’t gonna make it so. What I can do, however, is give you the next best thing: Hitman images!

As I wrote in a now-classic "Crop Report", Hitman is the Xavier Gens-directed, Skip Woods-scripted, Luc Besson-produced adaptation of the popular video game in which the bald assassin Agent 47 is sold out by his employer and chased all over Eastern Europe by parties that would like to either apprehend him or end him. Olyphant plays the numerically monikered agent, while Dougray Scott co-stars as the principled Interpol agent who’d like to bring him in with a pulse.

There’s not much more to add on this one that wasn’t covered in "The Crop Report" (for those who don’t want to dig through my turgid prose, I liked the script), so why doncha enjoy your first glimpses of Olyphant as a bald badass, and extrapolate from this whether the movie will be the greatest thing since The Third Man or the worst thing since Les Mayfield’s The Man.