While I appreciated the nod to the endlessly entertaining surfer crime flick Point Break in the splendid comedy cop brilliance that is Hot Fuzz, I never considered the film to have such a brand name and enduring appeal that we would actually see further adventures with Johnny Utah and Bodhi. But I guess if Road House 2: Last Call is possible, then why not this? Can Black Dog 2: Mother Truckers and 2 Wong Foo, 2 Furious be that far behind?

The interesting thing is that Point Break 2 (Yeah, I know. It’s really happening) isn’t one of those run-of-the-mill DTV sequels that a studio calls up on demand. This is totally the baby of the original film’s screenwriter, Peter lliff (Sorry, Microsoft Word). He’s writing and directing this installment with a Southeast Asian setting, and has even grabbed $20-30 million of financing from the same Singapore/Australia production firm behind the upcoming Forest Whitaker/Jennifer Hudson pic Winged Creatures. Although the press release states that the film will “uncover the fate of surfers’ leader Bodhi", the new story concerns an Asian surfer turned SEAL who is hunting another criminal gang. So as of right now, they’re looking for English-speaking Asian leads to star in the film.

My only regret in all of this is that all of Patrick Swayze’s greatest hits get a sequel way past the sell-by date, and the guy himself never even gets anything more than a cameo in them.  I understand he might be available for more work than that. Just a tip to all of you casting directors out there.