Maybe I’ve sat idly by one too many times as The Transporter 2 scorched my eyelids during one of its kazillion showings on HBO. Maybe I’ve watched way too many martial arts action flicks. Maybe I’m amazed at the way I really need you. I’m not sure what it is exactly, but I find myself less excited than I should be about the Jet Li vs. Jason Statham flick War.

The trailer is here and it’s about what you’d expect. There’s supposedly some semi-peaceful equilibrium amongst the police and criminal factions. It’s shattered when an assassin shows up and starts breaking the rules. This sets shadowy underworld figure Statham in search of the killer, who looks to be Jet Li, though I figure there could be a misunderstanding that pits them against each other only for them to figure it out and team up in the last reel against the real bad guy. Too Marvel Team-Up-ish? Whatever the case may be, it basically looks like a greatest hits reel of the best bits of Li and Statham’s previous films. That’s a shame, as I was really hoping that this pairing would raise the bar a bit and show us some things we’ve not seen before, but no dice.

Also, Devin Aoki frowns (or maybe she’s smiling. Who the fuck can tell with her face?) and throws cutlery, and I guess between this, Sin City, DOA: Dead or Alive, and D.E.B.S., she’s snatched the Go-To Asian Action Chick crown away from Kelly Hu somehow. Yay. Anyway, IGN is hosting the trailer, so click here to sample the martial madness for yourself.