Let me introduce you to a game that missed yesterday’s list of new releases: Aegis Wing. It’s a shoot-em-up that was conceived by three Microsoft interns, and will be available as a free (that’s "free," with two Es) download tomorrow for Gold and Silver Xbox Live subscribers. That means everyone. It’s anybody’s guess what the relationship between the conception and the execution of the game might be, but this falls into both Microsoft’s community-minded goals, and their recruitment drive. Join the Microsoft, See the Navy! What really matters is that this is a side-scroller with co-op play, via Live or on the same console. Hurrah!

Damn it, Nintendo. Online multiplayer is kinda spiffy; why do you hate it so much? Third-party developers just aren’t getting the support from Big N that they need to implement online components for their Wii releases. Quoth Mortal Kombat: Armageddon producer Shaun Himmerick: "Obviously we had online on other platforms so it wasn’t going to be a technology challenge for us, but Nintendo didn’t have their online system ready for us when we would have needed to implement it." Later in the quote, Himmerick distinguishes himself as being able to pronounce the letter K in the word "Kharacter."

I have a friend who still doesn’t believe that Team Fortress 2 is coming out. Suck it, friend. Valve has distributed a new teaser video, showcasing the Heavy class, as well as fun new animation techniques the company is leveraging toward creating the cartoonish atmosphere of the game.

Destructoid, that bastion of goodness and snark, have a lovely interview with one half of the UK-based independent developer Moonpod. The two-man team has made a game called Mr. Robot, which I haven’t played, but the content of the interview, which deals with the necessities and structures of an honest-to-god independent developer, is worth digging into even if you haven’t played their creation. Says I. I’m going to try and play their creation, now.

Speaking of independent games, the IndyGamer blog has a link to a game called Last Scenario, made using the RPGMaker toolset. It’s an impressive production all the way around, with more than just the draw of indy achievement to keep a player interested. It’s also freeware.

To conclude: Observe an honest fucker.