Had Warner Brothers any designs on doing a pseudo-continuation of Nolan’s Dark Knight franchise, I’ll admit that (TKDR spoiler alert) I’d be 100% down if they hired Rian Johnson to direct a Joseph-Gordon Levitt variation that focuses on detective work (since the character has cop training, but is a little lacking in the ninja department).

Any deviation from that plan though and it becomes foolish to go with anything other than a clean narrative and aesthetic reboot of the Batman, and one that pleasedeargodjustskipthefuckingorigin. Considering Man Of Steel is about to gift Superman with a clean slate, and WB has had plans to get JLA up and running for some time, it only makes sense for them to clinch this opportunity to jump-start Batman in a JLA movie, or in a film of his own that could handle a shared universe.

According to THR, that’s all exactly what the Brothers Warner are thinking, which confirms the thoughts of Cosmic Book News, who also have some word on how Batman might get started again. This is where you need to break out your salt grains.

…regarding Batman¬†we were told¬†by a DC Entertainment insider that a new Batman movie is slated for some time around 2016 following the Justice League movie; that it will not be an origin story, but will feature a Batman who is entering his second year as a hero, with the title tentatively named “The Batman.”

Expecting anything as specific as a title or that particular set-up to manifest itself four years from now is silly at best, but if this source of theirs isn’t their own ass, then I would expect that at least represents studio interest in using the JLA platform as a way to get Batman out there again fresh, and to forego the origin story when it comes time for him to fly solo again.
I would imagine you and your friends have spent at least a beer or two prognosticating on this very topic, so we’ve all got ideas and schemes of our own about how we feel is best for this to play out. Enjoy continuing to do so because it will probably be many months at least before we get any concrete indication of the studio’s plans.
Perhaps Man Of Steel and its rumored Wonder Woman cameo will bring some answers next year.