Today… I consider myself… the most ashamed video gamer… on the face of the Earth…" – Nick, by way of Lou Gehrig

I had been working on an article about the infuriating work being done by video game reporters in regards to Halo 3 when something I’d like to call 5/16 happened. I call it 5/16, because the loose-lipped Neanderthals populating the world of video game forums are treating it like 9/11 but with more collateral damage. Look, I was awake at 7am this morning. Granted, I have a daughter who wakes up before the sun so I’m typically awake at 7am in the morning, but this day I had plans to start downloading the Halo 3 beta, grab some coffee, and run some errands before an evening of carnage.

For those who aren’t aware, something went wrong. The folks lucky enough to get in by others means are shooting each other in the face but people who bought the game Crackdown [a pretty damn good game, but most of us bought it because of the added Halo 3 benefits] got a royal shaft when the Xbox Live system decided to take a giant shit on things. As a result, folks have been waiting all damn day. Here’s the thing: You don’t HAVE to sit and wait for it.

I have been reading some of the message boards for video game related sites and it sickens me to see this level of immaturity, poor education, disrespect, and ignorance. I have in the past railed on Talbackers, IMDB message board posters, and what I used to consider the lowest of the low… the IGN message board posters. The stuff I’ve seen today makes me sad to be a living legend. I went on Xbox Live and played some Halo 2 and Texas Hold’em, which reminded me that these people are equally racist, dumb, and all too happy to show/tell the world, but it’s still a revelation to see how the public reacts to free software of a game they are all super jazzed about. All of the mistakes Bungie made with Halo 2, they’re trying to fix… and this is the thanks they get?

If you are brave, read THIS, THIS, THIS, and THIS. These are but a smattering of the insane comments being tossed about.

It’s hard to write any sort of video game article right now because I feel like the audience as a collective sucks so bad they don’t deserve Choplifter, let alone a free pass at Halo 3.

What I was going to say was that the people who focus on Halo 3’s graphics in comparison to Gears of War are idiots. Gameplay is king. Not pretty graphics and a Gold Gears of War has an edge on a Beta of anything, including Halo 3. That said, I guess they need something to write about.

Me, I’m going to have a rum and coke and sit on the deck and clear my head. Being a video gamer is fucking taxing.