To be a production designer and to get that call, “hey, we need a super cool-looking, single-cell prison set” must be an exciting one. What’s more awesome than getting to create such an awesome, foreboding space that will likely be an iconic part of any movie? Dennis Gassner (Barton Fink, Golden Compass) is the production designer on Skyfall, and he and his team would be the ones responsible for this glass-and-concrete dungeon in which we find Javier Bardem’s character locked in this still.









Just a litte bit Silence of the Lambs with a touch of X-Men 2‘s plastic prison. Good stuff.

There’s a nice little video blog about Gassner and his production design work on Skyfall, though you won’t see the prison appear at all. Still a good watch.

It’s all just countdown to November 9th at this point.

Source | Latino Review