Please send letters. Writes:

I am a big fan of the site, and I have ust a small suggestion. Can you
add a favicon to your site. That is just a little icon/logo that shows
up to your URL in the menu bar.

A lot of users who place favorites in their Firefox menu bar find sites
based on the icon. It makes my web browsing experience much easier.

Nick Replies: We had one. No idea why it doesn’t work anymore. We’ll certainly have one in the new design. I actually moved the one we have (here) all around but no dice in getting it to register.

Bill Writes:

Could not find the thread for "The Devin’s Advocate" so here it is…

Saw Spiderman 3 at Imax Melbourne on Friday night and to be honest I
have been perplexed ever since at what angle to take with it.

I loved the first two movies the same as everyone and I understand the
backlash at the direction the third one took. But as with everything,
including super heroes, there needs to be a balance. Spiderman 3 walks
a very unusual tightrope between utterly brilliant and totally crap.

As I think about it I was totally astounded by the way in which this
movie has shocked an imprint into my mind. Was it the intention of Sam
Raimi to hit his audience for a six (Cricket, I’m Australian) by making
Spiderman 3 so controversial. As I ponder this I have tried to look at
the big picture and I totally agree with you in the sense that his
portrayal of Peter Parker is a nerd gone bad. This is ultimately a bit
close to home for his core audience and I hate to say it is sometimes a
bit confronting to see a reflection of ourselves. Does this mean that
after the shock of such a courageous concept has faded, we see the
movie for what it is, a great reflection of fame and fandom that
surrounds the Spiderman phenomenon.

Spiderman 3 is a crowd pleaser in so many ways on the surface, but it
also takes some huge risks that don’t seem to have paid off with the
fan base. The best way to see this is the end of the film where Half of
Harry’s face is disfigured and scarred. This film is about the double
life, duel personalities at war with each other and I believe that the
genius of Sam Raimi has carried this concept beyond the screen and into
the homes of Spidey fans by dividing us all. The safety of a perfect
conclusion to the series has been blown out of the water with a daring,
if not sometimes horrific approach to story telling. Its as if Sam
Raimi has decided to mess with our minds in a way that challenges the
conventions of Super hero films and a pat on the back to him for
turning it up-side-down even if he has made a bit of a mess. Sam with
"with great power comes great responsiblity" and you have not been very
responsible here. Is that a bad thing? Well I do disagree with Nick
about the Jazz dance scene. It does carry a certain cringe factor on
first viewing, and I think that the "emo" look is definitely passe and
unloved with popular society. This movie has crossed the line from
being a fun popcorn flick to a dark commentary on the effects of a
malfunctioning relationship. I understood why Peter turned into such a
loser, because I have done things out of character when my
relationships have faltered. I don;t know if you remember the ending of
Wayne’s World when they had the really bad ending when everything went
wrong. Well I think Spiderman 3 feels a little like this. A strange
alternate dimension where it all turns dark and wrong. I think you are
right, that on repeat viewings it will get better and that can only
work in this films favour. It is a little like Superman Returns in some
ways as it is a little too dark for its own good. Even though it makes
for a movie with a lot more substance and originality it doesn’t
necessarily gel well with the fans. I think Spiderman 3 is interesting
and courageous film making. Isn’t that what comic books are about?

Nick Replies: Good letter. I think the movie’s a total blast, dumb as a hammer at times, but a really fun summer movie. You need to hop on our message boards and get into the fray!

Connie Writes:

Re: Review of "The Drew Carey Show" Season One DVD set.
correction: The river by Cleveland that caught fire was the Cuyahoga,
not the Ohio River. Cincinnati is on the banks of the Ohio River.
Otherwise, great review.

Nick Replies: You saw it on, a fan of this show actually appeared to correct an error. It’s why we are the cream of the crop. Or is it crap?

Matt Writes:

I’ve sent in an email about this to Micah before, but
it must have got lost in the loop! Can
someone activate my MB account
. PLEASE PLEASE PLEASE. Somebody wants
to know if Zardoz (from current CHUD man) is a good movie. IT IS MY DUTY TO
some soooo much cocaine he made a work of unsurpassed genius!!! For god’s
sake, the penis is evil! People need to be

And if you need further proof: Sean wears a wedding dress
and tells people to “Stay within my aura!”

I used to have an old MB account but that was in the day of
no hotmail accounts, so I used my work email, left that job, forgot my password
and disappeared from the boards.

Once again, thanks for a great site. Zardoz would approve.

PS; Zardoz should have made your 50 CHUD movies…. It’s
the most hilarious piece of crap ever – read the review

Also, dave is listed in the contacts…Dave’s not
here, man. Dave’s not here.

Nick Replies: Dave’s emails forward to Dan Vinton, so all is well. As for Zardoz, we’ve discussed it here quite a bit, it’s been a CHUD Man, and there’s no denying the value of a flying stone head. That said, it’s not essential or disappointing. It just exists. Like anal fissures.

Daniel Writes:

Just wanted to bring to your attention that the numbers are off on the "50
Biggest Disappointments" list. According to the latest addition you are
only on numbers 29 and 30………………when you are actually on numbers
21 and 22 if you count them out. Looks like the mix-up occurred back on the
day that Celebrity and Alien Resurrection were added to the list. It
confused the hell out of me when I looked at it yesterday, as I hadn’t read
any of them until then. Just trying to help out!

Nick Replies: I fixed it last week and you’ll now notice how tidy the links and listings are at the bottom of each article.

Kewege Writes:

I really love the site. I come here, go to the
forums just to chill. I dont really post im a lurker. Cant help it. everyone
here is so funny. I was going to try for the leak of the week and though better
of it. I cant imagine the funny crap you get to read on a daily basis. please
share I need a good laugh. Thanks for all the great info.

Nick Replies: Most of the stuff I get that I want to share, I can’t. Either it wasn’t submitted as FEEDBACK or a CHUDREQUEST and therefore not for public consumption or a private email. I will say that it was a high point to get a note from Rod Lurie about my inclusion of The Last Castle in our latest list, and the subsequent discussion that unfolded. One day there’ll be a book written by the staff. The publisher we were hooked up with says the movie book market is bone dry right now, but one day…