Three people.– If you loved Kissing Jessica Stein, you’ll absolutely love Ira and Abby. At least, that’s what Magnolia Pictures is hoping in their distribution pickup of Jennifer Westfeldt’s film festival rounder Ira and Abby, which follows two folks who fell in love too quick and all the affairs and misunderstandings that follow. The "divorce comedy" has been well-recieved, not only by Magnolia, but by Boston Jews as well. No word yet on a firm distribution date.

– If you loved Little Miss Sunshine, you’ll absolutely love Say Hello to Stan Talmadge (deja vu? Ok- similarities in blurbs ends there). Maybe. By synopsis, the two sound very similar. Loveably dysfunctional family strapped together on road trip to quirky destination (this time it’s a Family Feud-ish game show). In fact, writer-director David Moreton uses LMS to describe its "charming indie" tone. Either way, the story’s added a few starring roles with cougar-driving Gary Cole, sewed-so-tight-she-could-just-pop Jennifer Coolidge and blood/chocolate lover Agnes Bruckner.

– ThinkFilm went to Berlin back in February and liked what they saw with The Walker. So much, in fact, they’ve acquired North American rights to the film about a guy who’s so in with the DC crowd, he gets in on all the secrets Senatorial/Congressional wives have to offer. Of course, something’s got to compromise Harrelson’s happy place when a scandal comes calling. The Walker stars Woody Harrelson with a full head of hair, which is distracting in the same way Nicholas Cage’s crazy hairline never ceases to gnaw at your suspension of disbelief.