I don’t even know where to begin. How incredible does this look? Just plant me in a theater right this minute to see this damn thing.

Grin motherfucker, you know your shit is hot.

Pitt looks astounding, the dialogue is meaty, the humor is welcome, the dirtier approach to gangsters is refreshing, the story is interesting, the cast overall is amazing, the photography is just killer… kudos to the marketing team, because I can’t add on much. Just watch the self-evidently badass trailer above. I can’t imagine a better promise for the entry of Andrew Dominik and his beautiful sensibility into more accessible genre filmmaking.

I’ll say, watch out for the TV spots to be kind of dumb, as I stopped by a Nielson booth coming out of a screening of TDKR last week and saw a 30 second ad that was cut like utter shit. Overdone graphics, shallow shot selection- everything together like they were selling Shoot ‘Em Up or some shit. Make sure you spread this much better look at the film as much as possible.

via Moviefone