had my eye on Mary Elizabeth Winstead ever since I first saw her in Sky
. And by “had my eye on,” I mean that I’ve been wishing for a
disastrous career that would inevitably lead her to increasingly risqué films
and scantily-clad roles just to make a buck. Alas, the rather attractive young
lady seems to be doing just fine professionally as she was just delivered to
the tender clutches of a horny hillbilly in Grindhouse and is
following that up with a stint as John McClane’s daughter in Live
Free or Die Hard
. Yet, the universe smiles upon me and the latter part
of my wish will come true anyway.

just signed to star in Make It Happen, which is a
routine-sounding dance flick that’s due to be helmed by music video vet Darren
Grant (he also helmed one of the Tyler Perry movies, but this goes a long way
toward making up for that). In the film, Winstead will play a gullible girl
from a small town with dreams of becoming a dancer. She moves to Chicago to
make it ha…oooooh, okay…but instead of hoofing it at the local chorus line, she
finds herself shaking it in a burlesque club. I have no illusions that this
will go to close to wet dream territory because the script is courtesy of Duane
Adler, the screenwriter of both Step Up and Save the Last Dance, so
the emphasis here will undoubtedly be on her struggle to make her dreams come
true against great adversity. Still, seeing this chick strutting her stuff in
heels, garters, and bustiers, even for a small part of the film, cannot be bad.
I mean, it’s physically impossible given the laws of the universe in which we
currently inhabit.

film is courtesy of new shingle, The Mayhem Project, which is a banner for
cheapie ($10-30 million) films aimed at teens and based on can’t miss concepts like
this. I have no problem with that as it’s pure, art-free commerce that gives
some measure of small hope to pervs like myself. We all win.