A few people took exception to my calling last week an underwhelming week of DVD releases. The Guns of Navarone, Fur, To Catch a Thief and The Caine Mutiny were all brought up as examples of why it was indeed a good week for DVDs. I can concede that. The re-releases alone were great.

This week, no one can deny that it is one of the best weeks of the year so far for DVD releases. I would say it is the most anticipated Tuesday of the year so far for many Chud readers. Two titles headline this week for true movie fans, although they may not get the attention they deserve from the broad mainstream audience that are anxiously awaiting the releases of Wild Hogs and Ghost Rider. Two amazing titles – The Fountain and Pan’s Labyrinth – kick off the week.


Pan's LabyrinthPAN’S LABYRINTH
d. Guillermo del Toro
c. Ivana Baquero, Sergi Lopez, Maribel Verdu, Doug Jones
Devin’s Review (read here) – “Pan’s Labyrinth is a film of breathtaking emotional, thematic and visual depth, and I know I haven’t even begun to scratch the surface of what the movie has to offer. I can’t wait to see this again.”  – 9.5/10
Nick’s Review (read here) – “Beneath the grimy beasts and cold-eyed killers is a heart that is pounding with love for childhood and the bond of family and a world where dreaming doesn’t carry a stiff penalty.”  –  9.6/10

Guillermo del Toro’s masterpiece was a small film called The Devil’s Backbone. For those only familiar with his larger showcases in Blade II and Hellboy, The Devil’s Backbone was a nice change of pace. A smaller story without the pomp and circumstance that his larger films showcased, The Devil’s Backbone took place during the end of the Spanish Civil War in Franco’s Spain. The movie tells the story of a young boy who is left at an orphanage in the middle of nowhere that has a giant bomb planted in the front court of the building. The orphanage also houses a seemingly malevolent spirit who latches onto the young boy and leads him into a small adventure that was beautifully rendered by del Toro. Del Toro returns to the same time period for Pan’s Labyrinth – his new masterpiece. Once again taking a young child as his protagonist, a young girl (Baquero) travels with her mother to join her new step-father (Lopez), a ruthless captain of the Spanish army. As in the Devil’s Backbone, the child encounters mystical beings – this time more fantastical creatures, including the amazing Pan and the horrifying Pale-Man (both portrayed by Doug Jones). The movie is a masterpiece that shows both the horrors of the fantasy world that young Ofelia ventures into but also contrasts them with the true horrors of the real world, grounded by the step father, who has no time for childhood fantasies. Del Toro was finally recognized for his amazing talent, as Pan’s Labyrinth nabbed three Oscar’s in six nominations. It is a huge step for del Toro, who has proven that he can hit one out of the ballpark with both small, beautiful films as well as the big budget blockbusters. His next movie is Hellboy 2 and I can’t wait to see what lies in the career of this magnificent director in the years to come. For this DVD you get two choices, a single disc edition and a huge 2-Disc special edition.

- English & Spanish subtitles
- Video prologue from director Guillermo del Toro
- Feature audio commentary from director Guillermo del Toro
- Theatrical and teaser trailers
- DVD-ROM content with Spanish & English Screenplays, synchronized storyboards and photo galleries

- “The Power of Myth” featurette on mythology and the origin of the characters
- “DVD Comics: Giant Toad, The Pale Man, The Fairies and Pan” comic book artists’ interpretations of characters from the film
- “The Faun and the Fairies” featurette on visual effects
- “The Color and the Shape” featurette on the colors and textures in del Toro’s films
- “The Lullaby” 2 featurettes on the film’s musical theme
- The Charlie Rose Show interview featuring filmmakers del Toro, Alfonso Cuarón (Children of Men) and Alejandro Gonzalez Inarritu (Babel)
- Interactive Director’s notes and sketches, including a video prologue by del Toro
- Storyboard/Thumbnail Comparisons
- Galleries:
- DDT creature design/Production design/Production scrapbook
- VFX plate comparison: GDT and the Green Fairy
- TV Spots


d. Darren Aronofsky
c. Hugh Jackman, Rachel Weisz, Ellen Burnstyn, Ethan Suplee
Devin’s Review (read here) – “The Fountain’s not a mainstream movie – it’s really fucking smart, for one thing – but the director who made this movie is a man coming into his own. The Fountain is beautiful, gripping and utterly transcendent. It’s the best film of 2006.”  –  9.8/10

The Fountain had an even harder time than Pan’s Labyrinth when it was in theaters. Pan’s promised mystical beings and monsters. The Fountain was met by many movie goers with a confusion as to what it was actually about. To add to the insults, where Pan’s Labyrinth was at least dignified come Oscar time, The Fountain was shut out of any nominations. The Golden Globes did garner it a nod for best score (which it would lose to The Painted Veil), but the early buzz on nominations for Hugh Jackman for his leading role or for Aronofsky for his great direction were for naught. It is a shame that a movie this beautiful would only earn a little over $10 million worldwide (with an estimated $35 million budget), and makes you wonder if Darren Aronofsky has a place in the future of larger budgeted movies after this. We can only hope he does, as The Fountain brings us a really smart and beautiful movie that hopefully finds new life on DVD. The film focuses on Hugh Jackman, a research scientist trying to find a cure for cancer, whose wife, Rachel Weisz, is dying from a brain tumor. Jackman’s team finds a unique tree and they experiment on the bark, which may lead to a breakthrough. Meanwhile, Weisz is writing a novel about a conquistador (also played by Jackman) who travels to the New World to find the Tree of Life for his queen (also Weisz). We also see into the far future where Jackman travels through space in a bubble, with only the tree in it with him. The three stories are intercut together and all tie together at the conclusion. Don’t call it an art film, call it a great film. And buy it this week. We need more stories from Aronofsky on our screens.

- Inside The Fountain: Death and Rebirth – Gallery of six featurettes exploring the film’s various periods and settings:
"Australia" (RT: 7:40)
“The 21st Century" (RT:10:20)
“Spain-16th Century" (RT:13:35)
“New Spain" (RT: 10:00)
“The Endless Field" (RT: 7:10)
“The Future" (RT: 15:13)


d. David Von Ancken
c. Liam Neeson, Pierce Brosnan, Michael Wincott, Anjelica Huston

Seraphim Falls is a small independent movie that received a limited release in January. A western, Seraphim Falls tells the story of Gideon (Brosnan), a former Yankee officer, who is hunted by a former Confederate Colonel (Neeson), who wants him dead for a terrible wrong he once committed. It is a chase movie, with the film moving from the snowy peaks of the American Rockies, to the plains and finally to the desert where the two finally face off for their final confrontation. Like many of the classic westerns by John Ford, the landscape of the film is allowed to play the role of a main character in the film. Von Ancken said in an interview with Devin (read here) that he was influenced by Sergio Leone when he was working with Clint Eastwood. He also mentioned that Once Upon a Time in the West, High Plains Drifter and Outlaw Josey Wales were major influences on the style he used here. Devin called the movie a “chase movie unlike any you’ve seen in quite some time” and a “terrific modern entry in the Western genre.

- Audio commentary with Pierce Brosnan, Director David Von Ancken and Michael Hanans
- A behind the scenes featurette
- Preview trailers for other Sony releases.


Stomp the YardSTOMP THE YARD
d. Sylvian White
c. Columbus Short, Meagan Good

There is a fascination in many colleges in the south with step dancing. Competitions, contests and shows are commonplace in many of these colleges using the unique style of choreographed dance performances. Stomp the Yard takes this tradition and tries to build a story around it. After the death of his younger brother, a troubled 19-year-old street dancer from Los Angeles (Short) is able to bypass juvenile hall by enrolling in the historically black, Truth University in Atlanta, Georgia. He is courted by the top two campus fraternities, both of which want and need his fierce street-style dance moves to win the highly coveted national step show competition. Stomp the Yard continues the rash of dance movies that have bombarded cinemas lately (Step Up, Take the Lead) and doesn’t really do much to add anything special to it. It is for those people who love to watch the dancing (such as my wife) and not really for anyone else.

- Battles. Rivals. Brothers. Featurette
- Deleted Scene
- Extended Scenes
- Filmmaker Commentary
- Gag Reel


Arthur and the InvisiblesARTHUR AND THE INVISIBLES
d. Luc Besson
c. Freddie Highmore, Mia Farrow

Freddie Highmore was amazing in Finding Neverland. He was also pretty good in Charlie and the Chocolate Factory. I think he is one of the best male child actor’s working today. In this movie, that mixes live action with CG animation, Highmore stars as ten-year-old Arthur, who in a bid to save his grandfather’s house from being demolished, goes looking for some much-fabled hidden treasure in the land of the Minimoys, tiny people living in harmony with nature. It’s only real publicity was when it was kicked out of the animation category at the Academy Awards since less than 75% of the movie was actually animated. This caused the number of nominated films at the awards to drop from five to three (since Arthur was the sixteenth film, and when it was removed there were only fifteen, one less than the number needed to add more nominees). In a time where America is being more selective when choosing which animated movies to support, this one flopped and did not even come close to its estimated budget. Is it any good? I don’t know. I don’t know anyone who saw it. The extras really just focus on the voices and the music.

- The Voices of Arthur & The Invisibles
- “Quest for Love” Music Video Performed by Jewel
- In the Recording Studio with Jewel – The Making of “Quest for Love”
- “Beautiful Day” Music Video Performed by Elijah
- Trailer Gallery



This is a new section of The Special Edition, where I will talk about re-releases and classic films, and what you can expect from some of the older films that are being released this week. I will go into detail on some and just touch on others. I hope this will please those of you who anxiously await your favorite classic films to finally get their own little shiny discs.

BecketFirst up this week is former Oscar winner Becket. Starring Richard Burton and Peter O’Toole, this 1964 movie tells the story of Thomas Beckett (Burton), a close friend of King Henry II of England (O’Toole), who was appointed into a position of power. Becket takes his position seriously and soon comes into opposition with his friend, leading to a dissolve of their friendship and the eventual murder of Becket. The movie (based on the Tony award winning play) won an Oscar for best adapted screenplay and received eleven other nominations, including one for best picture (it would lose to My Fair Lady). The DVD will include commentary by Peter O’Toole, the theatrical trailer, a stills gallery, interviews with editor Anne V. Coats and composer Laurence Rosenthal and archival interviews with Richard Burton, as well as a TV spot.

Army of ShadowsCriterion has a couple of releases this week, as well. The first is Army of Shadows, Jean-Pierre Melville’s 1969 classic movie about the French Resistants. Melville and the original book’s writer, Joseph Kessel, were both members of the French Resistance, and the movie creates characters drawn from real people who actually fought against the Nazi occupation of France during World War II. It was never released in the United States until it hit the independent circuit in 2006, and now it is being made available in a great two-disc Criterion release. It will include audio commentary by film historian Ginette Vincendeau, new interviews with cinematographer Pierre Lhomme and editor Francoise Bonnot, archival video excerpts, including on-set footage and interviews, “Jean-Pierre Melville et ‘L’Armee des ombres” (2006) short, “Le journal de la Resistance” (1944) documentary short plus a booklet featuring critic Amy Taubin, historian Robert Paxton, and excerpts from Rui Nogueira’s Melville on Melville.

Vengeance is MineThe second Criterion release is Vengeance is Mine, the 1979 Shohei Imamura directed film about Iwao Enokizu (Ken Ogata), a thief, murderer, and charming lady-killer who is on the run from the police. He is pursued all over Japan, but always manages to escape, until he falls in love with a woman who runs a brothel. This fact-based story, of the seventy-eight-day killing spree of a remorseless man from a devoutly Catholic family, won the best picture at the 1979 Japanese Academy Awards. Criterion calls the movie a cold, perverse, and at times diabolically funny tale of the primitive coexisting with the modern. The movie will be released in a singe disc edition, which will include excerpts from a video interview with director Shohei Imamura, produced by the Directors Guild of Japan, the theatrical trailer and teaser, a new and improved English subtitle translation and a booklet featuring a new essay by critic Michael Atkinson, a 1994 interview with Imamura by writer Toichi Nakata, and writings from Imamura on Vengeance Is Mine and his approach to filmmaking.

The SeigeFor a more current re-release we get The Siege: The Martial Law Edition. The Denzel Washington/Bruce Willis movie sees martial law declared in New York City when a number of terrorist acts begin to accumulate after the U.S. abducts a suspected terrorist. Washington plays the head of the FBI’s Counter-Intelligence Task Force in New York, as he teams up with a CIA operative (Annette Bening) to hunt down the terrorist cells responsible for the attacks. Willis plays General Devereaux, who enacts the martial law. Washington and Willis butt heads throughout the movie, which you could argue is very offensive and paints a strong portrait linking Arab-Americans to terrorism. The film, shot three years before the terrorist acts of 9/11, can be viewed as even more prescient today. The DVD will include audio commentary by Producer/Director Edward Zwick and Executive Producer Peter Shcindler, “The Siege: Taking New York” featurette, ”Martial Law: Freedom is History” featurette, International TV special (1998) – "The Making of The Siege” featurette and two theatrical trailers



Road WarriorEvery week more movies are being released on HD DVD and Blu-Ray. This section will let you know what titles are coming your way on the High Def formats and what extras will be included on them.

BATTLE OF THE BULGEHD-DVD and BLU-RAY – Audio Commentary by director Ken Annakin, Vintage featurette: "The Filming of Battle of the Bulge", Vintage featurette: "History Recreated", theatrical trailer

THE ROAD WARRIORHD-DVD and BLU-RAY – Exlusive to Hi-Def: New Commentary by Director George Miller and Cinematographer Dean Semler, also includes an introduction by Leonard Maltin and the theatrical trailer



Buy Me Buy Me Buy Me Buy Me
Buy Me Buy Me Buy Me
Buy Me Buy Me Buy Me Buy Me
Buy Me Buy Me Buy Me
Buy Me Buy Me



d. John Milius
c. Patrick Swayze, C. Thomas Howell, Lea Thompson, Charlie Sheen, Jennifer Grey, Harry Dean Stanton
release date: July 17, 2007

Ah, the 1980’s. I was a teenager throughout the 80’s and most of my memories are of Ronald Reagan, the cold war and the fear of nuclear war. Well, one of the movies to be made out of that fear is about to be released in a two disc collector’s edition. John Milius, who also brought us Conan the Barbarian (as well as writing Apocalypse Now), brings us this story of the dawn of World War III. Soviet and Cuban troops parachute into a small Colorado town and a group of teens group together to wage guerilla warfare against the invading Soviet troops. The cast is some of the brightest talent out of the 80’s, including Patrick Swayze (The Outsiders), C. Thomas Howell (The Outsiders), Lea Thompson (Back to the Future), Jennifer Grey (Dirty Dancing) and Charlie Sheen in his big screen debut. Extras will include a Carnage Counter that keeps a running tally of violent acts including deaths, bodily injuries and shots fired, a Red Dawn Rising retrospective feature, a Building The Red Menace featurette, a Military Training featurette, and a WWIII Comes To Town featurette that travels back to Las Vegas, New Mexico to interview locals and extras about what happened when Red Dawn turned their hometown into the fictional town of Calumet, Colorado and the center of WWIII.


d. Paul Verhoeven
c. Peter Weller, Ronny Cox, Miguel Ferrer
release date: August 21, 2007

Speaking of the 1980’s, we are about to get a great anniversary edition of RoboCop. I know this has been released and re-released almost as much as Evil Dead, and I don’t really know what the difference between this edition and earlier releases are, but this one looks pretty damn good. Verhoeven’s sometimes misunderstood masterpiece (it is satire, people), will be released in August on a 2-Disc special edition. In the movie, a murdered police officer is resurrected as the superhuman law enforcement cyborg RoboCop. He directives are (1) Serve the public trust, (2) protect the innocent, (3) Uphold the law and (4) Classified. The fourth directive is what drives the films actual plot, so I’ll leave that one alone for the one or two of you who have not seen the movie. Extras include audio commentary by director Paul Verhoeven, writer Ed Neumeier and executive producer Jon Davison, Flesh And Steel: The Making Of Robocop featurette, Shooting Robocop 1987 featurette, Making Robocop 1987 featurette, The Boardroom: Storyboard with Commentary by Animator Phil Tippet featurette, Deleted Scenes, Photo Gallery, Theatrical Trailer, TV Spot, the Extended Cut (103mins on Disc 2), All new featurettes: Villians of Old Detroit, Special Effects: Then and Now, Robocop: Creating a Legend, Paul Verhoven Easter Egg, Trailers & TV Spots, Teaser 1 & 2 and theatrical trailers. It all comes in a spiffy Steelbook.


d. Francis Ford Coppola
c. Matt Damon, Danny DeVito, Claire Danes, Jon Voight
release date: July 24, 2007

We really don’t get enough from Francis Ford Coppola. The mastermind who brought us The Godfather trilogy and Apocalypse Now has been out of action for almost ten years. His last credited film is this one, an adaptation of a John Grisham novel about an idealistic young lawyer (Damon) who goes into battle with a corrupt, wealthy insurance company to aid an elderly couple who needs the insurance to pay for an operation that can save their son’s life. The movie is about the underdogs and their fight to prove that they can win against the juggernauts that they are placed against. It’s David versus Goliath. It stays pretty close to the novel, which Coppola picked up in an airport, read and immediately decided he wanted to make into a movie. It is really underappreciated and is a fine little addition to Coppola’s impressive resume. The special features have not been announced yet. Hopefully this will tide us over until Coppola’s new movie (Youth Without Youth) receives it’s announced late fall release.




Pan’s Labyrinth – $16.99 – Buy with The Fountain and save $5
Pan’s Labyrinth (2-Disc) – $22.99 – Buy with The Fountain and save $5
The Fountain – $19.99 – Buy with Pan’s Labyrinth and save $5
Seraphim Falls – $19.99
Stomp the Yard – $16.99
Arthur and the Invisibles – $19.99 – CD Audio book on DVD package
Becket – $19.99
Army of Shadows – $34.99
Vengeance is Mine – $24.99
The Siege: Martial Law Edition – $14.99
Battle of the Bulge (HD-DVD) – $24.99
Battle of the Bulge (Blu-Ray) – $24.99
The Fountain (HD-DVD Combo) – $34.99
The Fountain (Blu-Ray) – $29.99
The Road Warrior (HD-DVD) – $24.99
The Road Warrior (Blu-Ray) – $24.99
Stomp the Yard (Blu-Ray) – $29.99
Frasier – The Ninth Season – $34.99
Wings – The Fourth Season – $34.99
Home Improvement – The Complete Sixth Season – $16.99 – Save $10 instantly when you buy with any other season of Home Improvement
Tex Avery’s Droopy – The Complete Theatrical Collection – $23.99
M*A*S*H – Goodbye, Farewell & Amen – $19.99
Martin – The Complete Second Season – $21.99
The Rockford Files: Season Four – $29.99
ER – The Complete Seventh Season – $34.99
American Dad! – Volume Two – $27.99
Coach – The Second Season – $24.99
The Last Sin Eater – $19.99
The War at Home – The Complete First Season – $29.99
The War Tapes – $17.99
Masters of Horror – Right to Die – $12.99
Creepshow, Vol. 3 – $17.99
The Thirst – $9.99
The Kovak Box – $19.99

You Got Served: Special Edition – $9.99 – buy with Stomp the Yard for $20.00
Baby Boy: Special Edition – $9.99 – buy with Stomp the Yard for $20.00
Dreamgirls: 2 Disc Showstopper Edition (HD-DVD) – $29.99
The Good Shepherd (HD-DVD Combo) – $29.99
Children of Men (HD-DVD Combo) – $29.99
The Hitcher (HD-DVD Combo) – $29.99
Smokin’ Aces (HD-DVD Combo) – $29.99
Martin, Season One – $19.99
The Denzel Washington Spotlight Collection – $17.99 (Inside Man, The Hurricane, The Bone Collector and Mo’ Better Blues)
ER: Season 2/3/4/5/6 – $19.99 each

$7.50 DVDs: 16 Blocks, Running Scared, Lord Of War, Firewall, Jet Li: HERO, Batman Begins, Road House: Deluxe Edition, The Omen (2006), The Doors: Special Edition , The Day After Tomorrow, Splash: 20th Anniversary Edition, The Corpse Bride, Old Yeller / Savage Sam 2 Movie Collection, Charlie & The Chocolate Factory, Air Bud, The Princess Diaries: Royal Engagement 2

$9.99 DVDs: Blood Diamond, Tenacious D: The Pick Of Destiny, Superman Returns, Beerfest: Unrated, The Dukes of Hazzard: The Beginning – Unrated

$14.99 DVDs: (Buy any of these DVDs and get a free movie pass to see Pirates of the Caribbean: At World’s End) – National Treasure, Remember The Titans: Director’s Cut, Glory Road, Swiss Family Robinson, 20,000 Leagues Under The Sea: Special Edition, Armageddon, Coyote Ugly, The Rock, Crimson Tide, King Arthur, Gone In 60 Seconds: Unrated Director’s Cut, Enemy Of The State: Special Edition, Atlantis: The Lost Empire, Treasure Island, Pearl Harbor: 2 DVD Collector’s Edition, Peter Pan: 2 DVD Platinum Edition, Blackbeard’s Ghost, Pirates of the Caribbean: Curse Of The Black Pearl, Pirates of the Caribbean: Dead Man’s Chest


Pan’s Labyrinth – $16.99
Pan’s Labyrinth (2-Disc) – $29.99
The Fountain – $19.99
Seraphim Falls – $19.99
Stomp the Yard – $15.99 – Buy with either You Got Served, Higher Learning or Poetic Justice and pay only $22.
Arthur and the Invisibles – $19.99 – Free Arthur & The Invisibles lithograph with purchase
Becket – $19.99
Army of Shadows – $34.99
Vengeance is Mine – $19.99
The Siege: Martial Law Edition – $15.99
Battle of the Bulge (HD-DVD) – $28.99
Battle of the Bulge (Blu-Ray) – $28.99
The Fountain (HD-DVD Combo) – $39.99
The Fountain (Blu-Ray) – $34.00
The Road Warrior (HD-DVD) – $28.99
The Road Warrior (Blu-Ray) – $28.99
Stomp the Yard (Blu-Ray) – $38.96
Frasier – The Ninth Season – $34.99
Wings – The Fourth Season – $34.99
Home Improvement – The Complete Sixth Season – $19.99
Tex Avery’s Droopy – The Complete Theatrical Collection – $19.99
M*A*S*H – Goodbye, Farewell & Amen – $21.99
Martin – The Complete Second Season – $21.99
The Rockford Files: Season Four – $34.99
ER – The Complete Seventh Season – $34.99
American Dad! – Volume Two – $24.99
Coach – The Second Season – $19.99
The Last Sin Eater – $19.99
The War at Home – The Complete First Season – $27.99
The War Tapes – $19.99
Masters of Horror – Right to Die – $12.99
Creepshow, Vol. 3 – $15.99
The Thirst – $15.99
The Kovak Box – $19.99

Step Up – $15.99
A Night at the Museum – $19.99
Dreamgirls – $19.99
Rick James: Super Freak 1982 – $9.99
Shrek – $9.99
Shrek 2 – $9.99
Shrek: The Story So Far Box Set – $19.99 (includes Shrek, Shrek 2, Shrek 3D & a bonus DVD)

2 For $15: Jet Li: HERO, Jet Li: Unleashed – Unrated, DOOM, Above The Rim, Shark Tale, Jarhead, G, Munich, Hostage, Ladder 49, Slither, The Goonies, Into The Blue, Troy, United 93, Blow, Freedom Land, Red Eye, The Game, Splash, Wallace & Gromit: Curse Of The Were-Rabbit, The Fugitive / U.S. Marshals Double Feature


(Prices listed include basic shipping charges)

Pan’s Labyrinth – DeepDiscount.com – $19.84
Pan’s Labyrinth (2-Disc) – DeepDiscount.com – $22.38
The Fountain – DVD Planet – $20.56
Seraphim Falls – DeepDiscount.com – $20.98
Stomp the Yard – Buy.com – $20.89
Arthur and the Invisibles – DVDPacific.com – $21.22
Becket – DeepDiscount.com – $18.14
Army of Shadows – DVD Planet – $25.97
Vengeance is Mine – DVD Planet – $20.47
The Siege: Martial Law Edition – DeepDiscount.com – $14.74
Battle of the Bulge (HD-DVD) – DeepDiscount.com – $19.32
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The Road Warrior (HD-DVD) – DeepDiscount.com – $19.32
The Road Warrior (Blu-Ray) – DeepDiscount.com – $19.32
Stomp the Yard (Blu-Ray) – Amazon – $26.95
Frasier – The Ninth Season – Amazon – $27.99
Wings – The Fourth Season – DeepDiscount.com – $29.28
Home Improvement – The Complete Sixth Season – DeepDiscount.com – $19.39
Tex Avery’s Droopy – The Complete Theatrical Collection – DeepDiscount.com – $18.77
M*A*S*H – Goodbye, Farewell & Amen – DeepDiscount.com – $21.86
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Masters of Horror – Right to Die – DeepDiscount.com – $7.18
Creepshow, Vol. 3 – DeepDiscount.com – $13.24
The Thirst – DeepDiscount.com – $9.58
The Kovak Box – DeepDiscount.com – $15.24


Lots of good stuff to spend you money on this week. Let me know if you like the new format on the column (Chud1@starvingdogs.biz). I’ll try to give a little more insight in the future on older movies coming to DVD for those who love them and a little more high def news for those with the new technology. I appreciate all comments, good and bad, and I’ll keep trying to tailor the column to what works best for you. Next week we get Letters from Iwo Jima and the 2-Disc Criterion release of The Third Man. I’ll see you then.