The Paranormal Activity franchise makes a hearty profit considering how cheaply Paramount is able to crank them out. So it’s no surprise that we’re getting a fourth installment in as many years (and most likely a 5th, 6th, ect). Here’s our look at the latest, which introduces webcams to the fold. Reaction after the trailer:

Oh for fuck’s sake. This is becoming the biggest cocktease franchise since “Thank you Mario! But our Princess is in another castle.” We’re doing the neighbors now? Was the guy who delivers their mail not available?

I found the first two films enjoyable enough (more Katie Featherston, please) but Paranormal Activity 3 was one neverending wank motion aimed directly at the audience. Fifteen minutes, that’s how far this story has progressed past the ending of the original. How much longer can Paramount stretch a premise that wore thin in the third act of their first movie?

The conceit of the franchise seems to be that every film introduces a new method of recording the ghost footage (handheld, security, VHS, webcam). So at what point does Paramount really go for broke and give us our first “found IMAX footage” Paranormal Activity? Because they’re totally building to that, right?

Source: JoBlo