Film Box Office Per Screen Total
1 Spider-Man 3 $60,000,000 (-60.3%) $14,111 $242,071,000
2 28 Weeks Later $10,000,000 $4,342 $10,000,000
3 Georgia Rule $5,879,000 $2,330 $5,879,000
4 Disturbia $4,807,000 (-17.7%) $1,547 $66,295,000
5 Delta Farce $3,500,000 $1,812 $3,500,000
6 Fracture $2,900,000 (-21.5%) $1,316 $30,980,000
7 The Invisible $2,202,000 (-32.5%) $1,133 $15,546,000
8 Hot Fuzz $1,655,000 (-25.4%) $1,338 $18,930,000
9 Next $1,604,000 (-44.5%) $795 $14,604,000
10 Meet the Robinsons $1,600,000 (-38.9%) $975 $94,094,000
11 Blades of Glory $1,415,000 (-41.3%) $985 $113,839,000
12 The Ex $1,355,000 $1,342 $1,355,000

Numbers were adjusted up for Spidey on Monday – perhaps they will be adjusted down this week, for it and 28 Weeks (I never trust a round number). $60 million is a nice enough number, and the film is looking healthy-ish considering… considering that it should easily cross $300 and get that Memorial Day bounce. POTC 2 made $62 million after its record bow, so Spidey isn’t that far off that game. Then again, nothing really challenged POTC 2′s rule of the roost for Summer films, while Spidey‘s got to weather the storm starting Friday. It’s likely that SM3 will fall short of $400 million.

28 Weeks Later played well enough. I’m sure everyone involved is happy. Like I said, it’ll probably top out at $25 million, and do well enough with the unrated edition DVD.

But, guess what? It’s official! Lindsay Lohan isn’t a movie star. Not to say that Jane Fonda isn’t as well, but I think has Lohan actively turned off a large part of her fan-base from seeing her in films – women don’t love her, and because she’s so skanky, it makes for a bad compromise on date night. And when you’re more famous for partying than acting, your versatility goes out the window. Director Garry Marshall used to bat these things out of the park, so, even though it’s a sexual abuse comedy, that Georgia Rule didn’t do Raising Helen business is a tragedy, and it looks like the best thing to come out of this movie was Jane Fonda’s appearance on The Colbert Report. My advise to Lohan: become a director whore. PT Anderson might be with Maya Rudolph, but I’d fuck him until his eyes bleed. David Fincher might not be all that interested, but maybe you can convince him. Michel Gondry? If Science of Sleep is any evidence, you could eat him alive, poop him, and then have him for dessert. Michael Bay? Well, you probably already did him, but get him to cast you in something. Akira Kurosawa? Dig him up, and get fuckin’.

Delta Farce and The Ex stunk up the joint. Expect both to be off most screens by the time Pirates 3 opens. Hot Fuzz is holding all right and should play long in certain markets. Disturbia is a big win for everyone involved (including David Morse!), and Fracture is doing better than the opening weekend numbers suggested. At least some people are talking about it. Next week we find out if parents really hated Shrek 2 enough to keep their kids away from the follow up.