How many times has that theme song run through your head as you dipped into a pint of ice cream, and how many times have your broken out your best falsetto in the shower singing it to yourself? It’s a pretty catchy theme, and “Brother Louie” will be ringing out from TV screens for some time to come as mid-way through season 3, FX announces Louis CK’s hit comedy drama Louie will be back for a fourth.

The series recently earned Emmy nominations for Acting, Writing, and Directing for a comedy series, so the acclaim is widespread as Louie reshapes what we think a TV comedy show can be and captures more and more enthusiastic viewers. The third season is proving itself to be similarly brilliant as the two before it, while showing subtle signs of evolution as Louis focuses on performance and hands off editing duties to Oscar-winner Susan E. Morse.

It’s great to know that as we continue enjoying the back 2/3rds of the third season (Thursdays at 10:30!), we have another 13 episodes waiting for us next year. If you still can’t get enough of Louis though, make sure you’re up on his recent successes with selling out concert dates independently, and getting cast in Woody Allen flicks. He recently spoke about all of this in a fantastic A/V Club interview you should check out.

Source | Deadline (via Screenrant)