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# 84 – Jackass: The Movie

Even in 2042, the geriatric Namor was able to elude the villainous M.O.D.O.K.

Jackass: The Movie:

In what turned out to be a longer, uncensored version of the American TV show about a group of thrill seeking fools, the film, which was unwatchable in parts, still had its moments. The absolute funniest of these was the spoof trailer for the second Jackass film at the end of the movie. Made up to look like old men, the Jackass crew are sent through a gauntlet of hurtled objects, like bricks and whatnot, all scored to the famous "O Fortuna" music (which sadly is not a romantic ode to Bib Fortuna). One rides through fire, only to come out of the flames as nothing more than a skeleton, one is run over by a truck, and the one in our picture here is crushed by a falling shed. The scene has to be seen to be believed, but take our word for it, it’s funny. (S.M.)


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* – Reprinted from 2003