You’ve probably seen it plenty of times already, but if you’d like to gaze at the face of Marvel’s next great threat on your computer over-and-over, you may now have at it. With The Avengers hitting Blu-ray very soon*,  Marvel has let the post-credits scene loose (apparently… as this isn’t an official Marvel account or anything).

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While I’m sure he’ll have a role to play in the next Avengers film, it seems clear Thanos is first going to be heavily involved in Guardians of the Galaxy, which I already feel will be the first Marvel movie that really loses the mainstream public. Even if they use Thor 2 to start introducing wackier shit and non-humanoid characters, I just can’t help but think a talking fucking raccoon is going to be a bit much. I’ll wait to see more from the film and get a better idea of Marvel’s approach before I expound on that sentiment too much though. Thanos should be cool regardless.

So enjoy this tease till your heart’s content, but pace yourself- it’s probably going to be a few years before the real payoff comes.

via /Film