Pandora and her stupid box.That Pandora is a real hussy. Thanks to her little "box", I’ve had my fair share of trouble, heartache and groin-parts in need of a good ice pack. One day she’ll get hers…

But not any time soon, thanks to Barry Sonnenfeld, who can create a good time when "on" (MIB) and head in hands silly time when "off" (Wild Wild West/MIB II). Sonnenfeld is looking at directing an intended summer tentpole called Box, which wraps itself up in a modern take on the whole Pandora thing. Just be sure to avoid putting your junk in it.

From the synopsis, Box sounds like a return to fantastical form for Sonnenfeld, as it follows some poor college graduate dork who can’t figure out what to do with his future (1-2-3… not it!) when he’s tricked into opening that frackin’ box of ills and unleashing the evils of the world. Luckily, grad-guy hooks up with Pandora, where together they work to save the earth from things like discourteous drivers, Abercrombie and Fitch sales associates and MPAA imposing "R" ratings on smoking.

Box was penned by Evan Spiliotopoulos, who receives the good fortune of having his last name spelled here rather than spoken. Spiliotopoulos is the writer behind quite a few animated films, including a bunch of second-tier Disney stuff like Lion King 1.5, a couple Pooh movies and the upcoming not-for-Disney Terra. He’s also delved into more adult stuff with the intriguingly premised One More Day For Hiroshima and the exactly like its sounds Bare Witness, which features a Skinemaxical Angie Everhart bumping uglies with a couldn’t-appear-less-interested Daniel Baldwin.

As for the Sonnenfield choice, it certainly sounds like a good fit if he can manage to stay away from a recent propensity for lame comedy and stick to his knack for the offbeat and dark kind.

20th Century Fox thinks Box is promising enough and it’s hitting the fast track, which means at best 2008- at worst 2009.