Doomed.Damned if Orlando Bloom isn’t going to be in every historical-based epic this decade. I used to say that jokingly, but apparently, it’s true.

Coming Soon reports Bloom is in talks to get his stern gazing mug into Roman Polanksi’s upcoming take on the ill-fated city of Pompeii. He’ll be joined by decidedly un-Roman looking Scarlett Johannson who will lend her bosom for Orlando to cry upon when the volcano blows its stack and kills everyone.

Pompeii is based on author Robert Harris’ 2003 novel, which follows a story of H20 based subterfuge/corruption as a Roman Aquarius is dispatched to work on an aquifer vexing the quaint little town of Pompeii. In the mean time, there’s a volcano named Vesuvius that’s getting a little pissy. Sorry, Pompeii- things are going to end badly.

Bloom is assumed to be in talks for the role of Attilius the Aquarius, while Johansson is looking at the romantic lead Corelia. Pompeii is scheduled for an August start, a five month shoot and a 2008 release, which I’ll be quietly looking forward to.