It’s funny that despite a new international trailer fixated on drawn out dramatic beats and promises of much gravitas and discussions of fear, I’m still most struck by how visually inventive so much of the action in Skyfall appears to be! Don’t get me wrong, I’m enjoying the nice exchanges about fear and the very dramatic, franchise-Frankenstein plot that has Bond dead, resurrected, and all of MI6 upturned, but also I’m just very happy to see Mendes bringing the fun as strongly as the dour, you know?

Also, this international trailer marks our introduction to Javier Bardem’s character, though I’m not sure they cut him in such a way that he comes across as captivating as the overall performance is likely to be. That blonde haircut doesn’t do his wacky face any favors either. Bardem will eat this shit up though, no doubt.

Along with recaps of the action, women, and settings shown in other trailers, we meet Bond’s newest tool: a personalized PPK. Very nice.