I love to name drop someone who actually knows who I am. It’s so rare. Hanna Hall is a fucking talented lady and so incredibly lovely to boot. I mean, she’s not lovely to boot. I’ve tried kicking her, but it always ends up with me on the ground and her scurrying off to safety. If only I had Martin Kove’s training…

Hanna is a truly special person and the fact she digs our silly flick is the only chink in her armor. That’s racist. If you don’t know, Hanna’s an actress who’s been onscreen for some time now from her roles as young Jenny in Forrest Gump through her fatal performance as one of the titular characters in The Virgin Suicides onto her more recent work as a fully fledged adult in flicks and television galore. She’ll be seen [lots of her I’m told] in Rob Zombie’s upcoming Halloween reboot/remake/rebus. Here she talks about her role and the wacky film she’s a major part of. Here’s what an idiot I am. She was my love interest until I changed roles to the meathead of the team. As we deliver the bum’s rush
to potential investors for 11 Colonels ATTACK! (CHUD Forum),
we’ll be offering a handful of offbeat, insightful, and often extremely
useless little webisodes for the world to enjoy or ignore. Here was the first. Here is the latest.

11CA! – Hanna Hall #1

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