Many of you gamers out there are checking the little countdown clock on Bungie’s website waiting for the Halo 3
beta to become available. I’m seriously trying to figure out the
easiest way to be on my 360 for the first few days of that thing,
shirking responsibilities, missing deadlines, and possibly forgoing my
own sexual gratification in pursuit of pure unfiltered entertainment.
By the way, I’m not serious. I am dying to play the game, but knowing
that it’s such a short window and because I expect serious lag time and
the mouthing off of assholes aplenty I just need some time to make sure
that this game is the BIG ONE. The one to restore my faith in the party

Oh, and fuck Guitar Hero.

assuredly tired (as I am) of the proliferation of horrible YouTube Halo
3 Beta leaks and jokes, decided to make available a lovely teaser of
the multiplayer footage to tide us over until next week. It’s lovely.
Thanks to IGN for the fantastic video and embedding technology.