at these new hi-res pics of the robot lineup for Transformers over at
Michael Bay’s blog, I immediately realized that it’s harder than I thought for
giant fighting robots to A) stand-up straight and B) strike dramatic poses that
do not remind me of the dancers in
the touring version of The Lion King. But come on…that
barely counts as a strike against a giant robot. It would take something like transforming
into a Panavision Super 35 camera and agreeing to shoot an entire Shawn Levy
film for me to dislike anything about these guys.

hi-res pics really allow you to pick up on the massive amount of detail on each
one, which is good because, at a glance, it can be a wee bit tricky to spot where
the head is on any given robot. Or the arms. Or the ribs. See for yourself by heading over to his blog now.

you really should have this site bookmarked as a favorite already.