Hello all!

I picked up the Less than Zero soundtrack on vinyl recently. Outside of the pops and cracks from its previous owner, it’s still the best I’ve ever heard “Going Back to Cali”. Hell, I’m not really listening to the rest of the album. I’m just playing “Going Back to Cali” over and over again on a loop. Damn that “It’s Always Sunny in Philadelphia” ad on FX.

In other news, I’ve had local Chewer Artisan Renn Brown work on a Special Edition of my long since deceased MS Paint comic strip “Thon”.

Check out the first THON: Special Edition below. If I configured it right, you should be able to click on the image to get a larger view.

I’m also killing the interview aspect of this blog, as I’ve got too many people now just trying to be weird to get on here. So, I’ve got to think up another angle to this thing.

I was debating whether or not to turn the blog into a Right-Wing bastion of freedom speech. But, I believe that I’d get tired of the bitching after two or three installments. So, I leave it up to you. What should My Blog Skip do next? Your options are below.

A) Right Wing Blog of Freedom Speech

B) Official Blog of the Brotherhood of Ron Panarotti

C) Make Mine Marvel, Bitch! (a working title for the Shooter era remembrance from a blog or two ago)


D) Albert Brooks pwns The American Cinema (a look back through American films, if we had the ability to digitally insert Albert Brooks into them.)

Let me know, people. If these four don’t work, I can pull more out of my ass.