One of my new favorite Chewers, Vader Bee, did the good work for CHUD this morning. He attended the Paramount/Dreamworks Building Wrap Unveiling for Transformers, where the official spokesman of the impossible-to-please Transfans, Tattoo from The Big Boy Morning Show on Power 106, was expected to give the Michael Bay action extravaganza his blessing, thus ending months of hostilities between the Transfans and the director. How did it go down? Let’s turn it over to Mr. Bee:

"Well, I woke up and got in line for this ‘event’ and well, it wasn’t really what I expected.

It felt more like I was back at an E3 presentation. While the line was decently large I don’t understand why only have a 2 hour event in the cold morning if you want to get the word out on the film.

Anyway, the ‘Mobile Command Unit’ was just the trailer where we were herded in to see an 8-minute-ish scene from the film. It’s the scene with Scorponok in the Qatar desert. The CGI was still really rough in places.

I was denied the chance to take pictures inside. Nothing of too much interest inside though. Just military gear with ‘SECTOR 7′ patches on it and plasma screens. A few grappling hooks. The ‘Agents’ inside play along a video feed that eventually starts showing the scene from the movie.

While waiting in line to see the video a group of about 6 ‘Protesters’ appeared with a bullhorn and signs warning us about robots. Ah, I hope they were just interns because there was some bad acting going on today. In the end we were promised tickets to an advanced screening coming soon.

And now the pictures:

The Building Wrap!

A Poster! And Trash Can!

Behold! The Mobile Command Unit!

Behold! The Entrance to the Mobile Command Unit!

Behold! The Warning on the Door to the Mobile Command Unit!

Behold! The Unexpected Dance Party Inside the Mobile Command Unit!

Behold! Interns as Protestors!

Behold! More Interns as Protestors!

I’d like to sincerely thank Vader Bee for waking up at the break of dawn to cover this momentous occasion for CHUD, even though the lack of Tattoo is troubling. Was this supposed detente a sham? I’ll have more on this story as it develops.