STUDIO: Lionsgate
MSRP: $29.98

RUNNING TIME: 128 minutes


  • Trainer Commentary

The Pitch

"Ladies: enjoy a fun workout that promises to tighten up those problem areas.

Gentlemen: grab the lotion."

The Humans

Eliana, Natasha, Vala, Yvette

Natasha is the Buns girl!

The Nutshell

Four girls have been brought together in a tropical island paradise. Each of them has an expertise in a unique area. Eliana is a master at the art of abs sculpting. Natasha is learned in the shaping of the perfect buns. Vala, the spunky gal who specializes in working the legs and Yvette knows the secrets to toning arms. Alone they are spectacular, but together they are the Envygirls!

Eliana works the abs!

The Lowdown

A friend of mine is a workout nut. She’s the type of woman that gets a little upset if she doesn’t get her daily exercises in. She also is always in search of the next great workout video that will make good on its promise to tight, tone, sculpt and the rest of it.

Now, I don’t watch workout videos, and I don’t workout (unless you count the button mashing it takes to get the boxer to lift all those heavy weights in EA Fight Night. It doesn’t count? Screw it). But, I do enjoy watching pretty girls doing squats on television, so I was game to take part in the experience.

Too serious Vala shows off the legs!

ENVYgirls is a nicely produced production, with a great locale and beautiful women. It doesn’t seem like its terribly high impact either, which might be good to know for some of you. This is a four disc set, with each zone (arms, abs, buns, and legs) having its own disc. Each disc includes a warm up session, the workout itself, a five minute “maintenance” workout and trainer segment.

Since I was in no way going to do exercises with my in-shape television friends, I handed it over to my workout obsessed pal. She was relieved to see that it was a calmer type of workout. There wasn’t a lot of shouting down numbers and loud techno music. She especially liked the little countdown numbers that would let her know how many reps were left in a particular workout. She also liked that after every workout, there was a separate segment with a trainer that shows how to get a little more impact out of the various workouts.

Now I can see why they picked Yvette as the arms expert!

So there ya are. Girls in tight clothes giving back to society by doing some workout routines that exercise fans seem to like. It even inspired me to make a deal with my friend. If she can get her body to look as good as one of the ENVYgirls, Then I will buy her the same implants that her favorite ENVYgirl has. In the meantime, while I enjoyed the scenery, I think I will just stick with my tapes of The 20 minute Workout.

One for the ladies…meowwww!

The Package

It’s a cool looking hologram cover that holds four separate discs. There aren’t really extras per se on this set, but I thought the inclusion of a trainer commentary during the workout and a separate trainer workout session at the end of the girls’ workout was a nice touch, and added some validity to the disc (really, I am stretching for things to write).

If you work out

7.5 out of 10