Warner Bros. wants to make a prequel to The Shining? HAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHA! Anything you say Lloyd. Anything you say.

The Shining may very well be my favorite Stephen King adaptation, mostly due to all the changes that Stanley Kubrick brought to the property. Ever since I rented the tape one weekend in October of 1999, and saw it about 3 times. Of course I also champion the tv adaptation of The Stand and look forward to the big screen adaptation along with IT. The Running Man is a masterpiece of sci-fi action cinema.

However, I’m not here to go on and on about the numerous King adaptations and the ones I love like, Carrie, and The Dead Zone, the underrated Graveyard Shift, or the disturbing Pet Semetary, even the glorious mess that is Maximum Overdrive. No, I’m here to tell you that even though it’s just a rumor, Warner Bros. has hired Laeta Kaogridis, who did uncredited work on Avatar and worked on Shutter Island, to be a producer on the film along with a gent named Bradley Fisher and another screenwriter, James Vanderbilt, to drum up ideas for a prequel to The Shining. So you know even though “Producer” is the word, they will probably have heavy input on the script if this film ever goes beyond

Studio Exec: Hey, I’ve got a great idea!
Studio Exec #2: What?
Studio Exec: Let’s make a prequel to The Shining!
Studio Exec #2: How we gonna do that?
Studio Exec: Ah, we’ll hire some writers with some cred and have them slap something together.

So until we get some kind of official word, take this news with a huge grain of salt. I’d really be interested in how they’re going to put this together. Are they going to focus on the early years of the hotel and give us how the Overlook got so evil? Are they going to show us what led to the guy in the bear suit blowing that party guest? Jack Torrance: Alcoholic Teacher Who Tries To Stand And Doesn’t Deliver? Delbert Grady going mad and killing his family?

Creepy. Just creepy, and I don’t want to know what led to them being in that “position”.

Who knows, and who really cares, because this prequel is already a bad idea, and this is coming from someone who loved The Thing Prequel.

source: cinemablend