Kit.If you’re into collecting dolls like I am, you’ll just be elated at this little spot of simply sublime casting news!

American Girl, a delicious entrepreneurial vision to celebrate girls through age appropriate books, dolls and stores has made it to the big time with an American Girl movie debuting in 2008! This delightful tale features the wholesome and charming exploits of Kit Kittredge and friends as they discover self-worth, the value of friendship and just plain having fun in the magical world of the Great Depression!

The refined Patricia Rozema has been given the big thumbs up to direct and will be joined by stars of both stage and screen, including Stanley Tucci, Glenne Headly, Julia Ormond and Jeffrey Dean Morgan!

So who will get the chance to play that special little girl Kit? Why, that’s entirely up to you, silly! Open casting calls are taking place all over America! Maybe you (or your little darling) could find yourself on the set of American Girl!

In the mean time Doll and Pre-adolescent Book Lovers, mark your calendars for July 2nd* 2008, when American Girl is set to enchant movie lovers everywhere**!

Man, that was painful. Excuse me while I go wrestle a cougar or do two chicks at the same time.

* July 2nd, you say? Distributor Picturehouse is betting on brand recognition and counter-programming to Tonight, He Comes.
President Bob Berney ain’t scared: "The American Girl brand is so strong, and is such a community, that we can stake out that date. I think we can push through all the noise and reach an audience that is just huge." I don’t want to say those are famous last words, but we shall see, Bob. We shall see.

** British, South American, Russian, African, and French girls? Totally NOT invited.