The list of famous offspring who go on to appear on screen is long and impressive. Sofia Coppola. Lisa Marie Presley. Liza Minelli. Come to think of it, the list needs more men. Thankfully, when the true-story nature of The Pursuit of Happyness rendered it unimpeachable, junior Fresh Prince Jaden Smith became the latest in this acclaimed line.

Now the tyke’s already got a new project set up: Newton’s Law, about a precocious young inventor stuck in a science museum after a field trip. Predictably, there’s some gravity stuff involved.

Though I’d much rather see a modern, child’s eye view of Newton’s work at the Mint, through which England moved from a silver to gold standard — imagine Smith setting up an impromptu currency shop in the science center — or even better, Newton’s very literal take on the Bible. Seeing Will Smith’s grown-up semen engaging in the great scientific-theological debate from his intramural confines might become the current Culture War’s version of the shot heard round the world