Ridley Scott is still one of the best working directors today. Prometheus is still the film of the summer for me thus far (soon to be overtaken by The Expendables 2 and put it a close second.), and he’s one of those directors who just loves to work. Whether he’s producing or directing, the man always has a bunch of projects in development.

One such project he’s recently started, with Steven Zaillian no less is to scoop up the rights to a 2003 television docudrama called The Day Britain Stopped. That particular film is about a strike on a train that leads a domino effect of other strikes in British transport and everything….stops. This isn’t a natural disaster like in all the beloved 70’s films and most of Roland Emmerich’s recent films. It’s a manmade diaster. The kind that has an easier way to be prevented, but as is usual, isn’t.

However, Sir Ridley is already saying that they’re just taking the basic concept and doing their own thing with it. So we could probably still get all kinds of other crazy stuff instead of everything just….stopping.

Zaillian won’t be writing it, and it’s still up in the air if Sir Ridley will be directing it. Especially since he’s got a full slate of directing projects. I don’t think Tony is doing much right now, so maybe this can be another brothers Scott collaboration.

source: empireonline, hollywoodreporter