Cloud Atlas is one of the many interesting movies that will soon be unleashed on the world at TIFF, and it’s the latest effort from the Wachowskis paired up with collaborator Tom Tykwer (Perfume, The International). The book on which they based the film can only be described as epic with a millennium-spanning story that folds back in on itself and involves recurring characters. EW released a few pictures earlier today, but this widget put out by Warner Brothers holds a much bigger look at the film with nearly two dozen pictures from the many times, places, and characters involved.

The widget’s slideshow is a little slow, but you can explore the lot of them isolated down below. None of them are particularly high res, but this may not be the kind of film you want to spoil the tiny details of too soon. It is nice to get a general sense of the film’s scope, and to get the impression of a film more fixated on the people in these places and times than the mere spectacle of them. I don’t really know what to make of 19 stills that could have come from 19 different movies, but I’m definitely still intrigued…

EDIT: There is a five-minute trailer that has leaked out, if you care to track it down. Word is that a legit copy will be up in HD tomorrow, so you may want to wait. I’m not going to link it, but I did watch a copy before it got yanked and holy shit this thing looks huge. Seems kind of like Malick and The Matrix meeting in the middle, if there could ever be such a film. Definitely keep your eyes open or go track it down if you’re the impatient type.


via Latino Review