Last year there was news that Jason Patric had signed up to do a Pilot based on the comic book “Powers.” Then nothing but silence. Apparently that silence was because FX was not happy with what was made. They’ve sat on it until now, and it was thought that it would just be scrapped, but word is that they will just reshoot and recast the Pilot, BUT they don’t know when that’s going to happen. So it’s still just in limbo.

The original Pilot starred Jason Patric and Lucy Punch in the leads, with Titus Welliver, Charles S. “I AIN’T MUCH FOR BEGGIN’! NOBODY EVER GAVE ME NOTHIN’!” Dutton and a lady named Carly Foulkes.

Here’s hoping that it gets redone up to FX standards and it gets on tv, because we’re sorely lacking in superhero type entertainment on television right now.

source: Bloody-Disgusting