Skull. KeyholeSam Raimi’s Ghost House Pictures has always been real keen on a "desire to continue bringing scares and thrills to moviegoers worldwide", as made evident by their boilerplate alone (keyhole, keyhole, keyhole…Skeletor!). Whether they’re delivering on the mission statement with films like The Grudge(s), The Messengers or Boogeyman is up for debate, but they’ve got a slew of stuff that’s still up and coming, including vampires in Alaska concept 30 Days of Night, the seemingly-delayed Rise and an Evil Dead remake still in development. Not too shabby for a couple years’ work.

Despite all the PG-13 commotion (and a few more projects in development I didn’t name), Ghost House is still piling it on. Word has it that Ghost House is adding another project called Incident at Sans Asylum. Sans will follow a series of Snickety events leading to a group of musicians turned cooks becoming trapped in an asylum for the criminally insane as lightning and rain makes for a dark and stormynight. Moody. Not sure what musicians are doing cooking up crazy food at ol’ Arkham, but there you go.

Ghost House has given the directorial mantle to Spaniard Daniel Calparsoro (Spain is the new Hong Kong, dontcha know), who, if you’re up on your Cinema de Espanol, also directed the war film Guerreros, which is less about Vincente the Spain beater and more about the 2000 Kosovo conflict. Production for Incident at Sans Asylum will start later this summer.