It’s funny that the most experimental and interesting new-media experiments with filmmaking keep coming with huge corporate tie-ins, but at least the weird, cool things are being empowered somehow. In this case Like Crazy filmmaker Drake Doremus has put together a film with the help of Intel about a guy who is living a Groundhog Day take on Quantum Leap: every morning he wakes up as a different person. Rather than going on adventures and fixing problems, he’s really just trying to live a life and maybe date this super awesome girl that doesn’t even know he exists.

The thing is that while Topher Grace will play the internal monologue of our hero and the infinitely lovely Mary Elizabeth Winstead will play the girl who gets him searching for some consistency, it will be regular people playing his daily forms. This means you’ve got a chance to be in this movie! Here’s the idea…

And here’s the FB page where you can audition for what is called a “film” but will apparently be broken into episodes. The first one premieres on August 16th on Facebook at 6:00pm (EST).

┬áIf you think you’ve got an interesting face, unique voice, or just want to go after your best chance to spend some time with Ramona Flowers herself, give it a shot!

via The Film Stage