For me, one of the worst things to come out of the horrible, heartbreaking events in Aurora, Colorado – aside from the bullshit political droning and news of self-inflicted censorship at Warners – is the Photoshopped Bat symbol/black ribbon displays on social media outlets – somehow tying a comic book movie to the nightmare narrative of one more tortured soul cracking under the weight of real or imagined burdens. The worst idea is the childish and undignified Petition/campaign to have Christian Bale deck himself out as Batman and go to area hospitals, visiting the wounded as The Dark Knight.

I can only assume these cracked fannerds wanted him to hit the helipads of those buildings via HALO jump, and leave by driving the “Tumbler” through a wall…dumbasses.

Well – according to the Denver Post, Aurora is being treated to the dignified version of that concept as you read this. The newspaper has just run a story that says that Christian Bale is currently in Colorado, visiting with victims of the shooting. According to the studio, “Mr. Bale is there as himself, not representing Warner Brothers.”

You know what? It doesn’t save a life, and it doesn’t heal anyone – but a little display of care and compassion goes a long way.

Fuck yeah, Christian Bale. Fuck yeah.