Pontypool was quite an original film when it came out several years ago. A movie that didn’t really catch on with me as I hoped it would, but it was interesting enough for me to want to give it a look again some time. That time hasn’t come yet, but that hasn’t stopped this film from spawning a sequel that I’m looking forward to.

As is standard for a film that is looking for financing, a poster has been made for the sequel, known as Pontypool Changes (great title isn’t?) and it seems to promise that the sound that is making people turn into rage induced monsters, is airborne and going global.

For those that don’t know about Pontypool, and you should go see it out of curiosity alone:

“Pontypool, named after the small town in which it’s set, features veteran character actor Stephen McHattie, (Watchmen, 300, A History of Violence), as a cantankerous radio DJ trapped within the station’s walls as a deadly virus consumes the town, turning its citizens into cannibalistic zombie-like creatures.“

Here’s the poster.

source: Bloody-Disgusting