Of all the projects to get excited about, Sony seems to be sporting serious chub for The Equalizer. Based on a CIA spy drama that ran on CBS from 1985-89, it’s a solid script by Expendables 2 writer Richard Wenk that has inspired Sony to fasttrack. And don’t expect the project to quietly fade away, as they’ve just signed their new Equalizer: Denzel Washington.

Washington would presumably be playing a role once made famous (sort of?) by Edward Woodward, that of Robert McCall. McCall was a retired CIA officer who tries to right the wrongs he committed in his time with the agency. The premise of the TV show has a very “Incredible Hulk by way of The Fugitive” vibe to it – with McCall setting up ads in the paper offering his services, solving some problems for helpless victims and then setting off to do it all over again. Names that the studio is considering for direction include Pierre Morel, Nicolas Winding Refn, Gavin O’Connor and Gareth Evans.

This seems like a safe choice for Washington. Depending on the above-listed directors in the running, the film could still have real potential. Admittedly, it’s hard to get excited about such a familiar premise. Especially after Safe House, a film where Denzel just played an ex-CIA operative. Perhaps this is part of an oeuvre for Mr. Washington?

Source: Deadline