Kadeem and Co.Patrick Dempsey’s in! Michelle Monaghan is in! Mr. Bean is not in, but Paul Weiland, a guy who directed him a few times, is… to direct no less. And now, despite the fact Made of Honor has been filming for a week now, the ball can finally get rolling with the addition of three more talents to the casting roster.

Made has added multi-talented Sydney Pollack, Kadeem "Dwayne Wayne" Hardison and Beau "naked and flayed on a gurney" Garrett* to join the "Dammit! Why didn’t I bang my best friend sooner!?" romcom. One guess as to the paternal figure Pollack will play…

As mentioned, shooting for the role reversal remake of My Best Friend’s Wedding began last week and is looking to release in the winter dumping grounds of February ’08.

*With the addition of Beau Garrett (coupled with Monaghan), you’re guaranteed having seen two of the stars naked boobs before even having entered the theater. Turistas and Kiss Kiss Bang Bang viewers, you know of which I speak.