Edgar Wright’s a busy guy. He’ll be closing out his “Blood & Ice Cream” trilogy with Simon Pegg in the newly-greenlit The World’s End, and it seems like he’s been prepping Ant-Man at Marvel since forever. Now comes word from Deadline that Wright will be hitching his wagon to JJ Abram’s Bad Robot production company, co-writing and directing the mysterious™ new film Collider.

As with all Bad Robot joints, word on a plot is terribly hard to come by. As we learned from Super 8 (alien) and Cloverfield (giant monster), the first guess is usually the right one. So, playing the speculation game, I’d venture to say this’ll be science fiction fare inspired in no small part by the Large Hadron Collider that’s been smashing particles near the borders of Switzerland and France since 2008. You might remember early concerns that the collider could possibly generate a black hole and wipe out all of existence but, as far as we can tell, we’re all still here.

Abrams is producing and, in addition to directing, Wright will be co-Wrighting with Mark Protosevich of I Am Legend fame. Hopefully the brilliant helmer’s hip to what a mess Super 8 was, as keeping Abrams out of the writing room would be a wise move at this juncture.

Let’s have some fun and do some baseless speculatin’. What do you think Collider is about?