I’ll be happy to see Arnold Schwarzenegger getting back down to simple cinema and injecting a little practical muscle into the B-grade stuff, and Ten will be a good one on his growing list. It’s David Ayer playing in his familiar playground (one that 50 Cent is having fun in these days), but it features a script from Skip Woods, so someone else’s cheese will be the basis.

Arnold is of course the center of a DEA crew that starts getting picked off one by one after a huge bust on a drug cartel, and now a bit of new-age muscle wants to get it in on the picture as Sam Worthington negotiates  for a major role in the film.

I think this would be a good film for Worthington to hop into- he’s been mostly blockbusters and stuffiness, though I never saw Man On A Ledge. Regardless, this would put him in close contact with one of the more uniquely charismatic action stars ever- something interesting could happen!  Boy’s gonna have to hit the gym though, if he wants to be up to Arnold’s old standards…

Source | Variety