*For the record, 22 Jump Street is not confirmed anywhere as the title. So chalk it up on my part as a failed attempt at being witty.

The quality of 21 Jump Street took a lot of people by surprise. Even as word of mouth was building, few could believe the adaptation of a 1980s FOX procedural could be that good. Few except those who had already seen and dug directors Phil Lord and Chris Miller‘s enjoyable Cloudy with a Chance of Meatballs. Indeed, Jonah Hill and Channing “Tanning Chatum” Tatum proved to be one of the finest comedic pairings we’ve yet to see in this decade. And not only are both actors returning to once again finger each other’s mouths in a sequel, but Jonah Hill confirms he’s again collaborating with Michael Bacall on the story. From Hill:

“We’re shooting a year from September, and Michael Bacall and I are writing it right now.”

So in all likelihood, we can look forward to a Jump Street sequel in 2014. As you may remember, the film ends with our heroes accepting assignment to college. With the same great team involved as before, I’m very much looking forward to this.

Source: Collider