It’s funny that David Ayer’s flicks like Training Day and Street Kings have cultivated this knock-off cottage industry of cheapie DTV crime flicks that land a prestigious actor or two looking to chew scenery as a mob boss or corrupt cop. In the case of Freelancers, 50 Cent keeps on keepin’ on with the modestly-budgeted crime genre, this time playing an idealistic young cop who gets wrapped up with the undercover network of cops that his dead father once worked with. They do bad shit, kill bad people, and say really bad lines while doing it. It’s been in the works since early last year, and is only the 2nd of 10 such films 50 Cent has a deal to make.

Have a look at the red-band and watch Bobby D do his best post-give-a-shit Paulie Cicero, while Forrest Whitaker snorts scenery as an on-tilt enforcer type who has clearly misplaced all those fucks he was supposed to give.

The film “hits theaters” on August 10th, with the Blu-ray hitting stands on the 21st. Since the disc is out less than two weeks after ┬áthe theatrical “run,” and the DVD art is already made, I wouldn’t advise anyone outside of NY or LA to depend on catching it at the theater.