I played Dead Space a couple of weeks ago at E3 but held off on an article because I
knew I’d have so much more for you guys in a few weeks, but one thing that was evident was how good the game was looking. It’s so damn cool how there’s no HUD, everything’s in the game, making it feel more like a movie. The atmosphere was perfect, the monsters disgusting. It’s easily in my top 5 of the show and has got me hyped for another great horror game.

Which is why it’s so cool that EA invited me out for their Dead Space Community Day at their Redwood Studios next week. Around 30 other websites will be in attendance for the festivities, with a lot of the usual movie and genre sites (AICN, BD, etc.) showing up as well, quite a difference from the usual, which is mostly only game-specific sites.

Unlike my first two Community Days (Burnout Paradise and Battlefield: Bad Company) the schedule on this one will be quite different. Instead of getting yet another tour around campus (at least I hope!) the first night we’re going to be getting a double feature of horror flicks at EA’s HD theater. Pretty fucking awesome. The guys asked what movies we’d like from a list of around 10, and I picked Evil Dead 2 and Starship Troopers… a perfect mix of horror and scifi, I’d say, and two movies that would be great to see on the big screen. We’ll see what we get, but really all the movies on the list were incredible.

The next day is nonstop gameplay and interviews. I’ll be getting tons of impressions and exclusive looks at the game. It’s funny, Dead Space was actually the reason I got in contact with the awesome folks at EA for in the first place, as they sent me an email back on Creature Corner about it.

It’s definitely the game I’m most excited about from their upcoming stable. Let’s hope it lives up to our hopes!