Word out of Sundance was mixed on Bachelorette, which, despite looking thoroughly like a Bridesmaids rip-off, existed as a play over a year before last year’s raunchy hit. The comedy got some accolades for its comedic performances and for going whole-hog with inhuman characters, but where the play is apparently a tight piece of satire with sharp dialogue and limited action, apparently playwright Leslye Headland doesn’t manage the same when blowing it all up to a feature film.

I definitely get the sense from this trailer that the mean-spiritedness and bad timing did not make for a great film comedy, but the talent involved ensures that this can’t be a total wash. We’ll see. The film hits theaters September 7th, but is preceded by a VOD release on August 10th, suggesting they’re not going to push this as a blockbuster comedy.