Cute.Maybe I’m not the right guy to be bring this segment to you, so apologies in advance.

See, while I was charmed by Isla Fisher and her bubbly/psychotic/endearing bit in Wedding Crashers, I can’t say that she’s on my short list of actresses whose films I’d quickly line up to see. Still, her upcoming turn as a cute and bubbly waitress in Wedding Daze looked like more of the Crashers same, so what could be the harm in that?

As it turns out, nothing – it’s everything else in the trailer that makes Wedding Daze (which follows two strangers looking for love as they spontaneously commit to marriage on a whim) look terrible. The affair made me feel weary, grumpy and prone to contracting a case of Irritable Bowel Syndrome. Or Pink Eye (Thanks for the alley-oop Knocked Up*!). Even the title feels egregious.

Of course, you may disagree when you subject yourself to classic gags including awkward silence with the in-laws, the always memorable mistaken pregnancy conundrum, and Jason Biggs’ ass. Again. Looks like the only thing Wedding Daze has going for it is Isla Fisher, and not even that level of inherent charm makes me even remotely interested in having anything to do with it. That may come off a little harsh to those who like their films served up with a slice of Biggs pissing in a sink, but such is the emotion evoked at having watched the trailer.

Roll your eyes at my 3 hours of sleep-invoked asshole-edness or join the ranks of those made weary after you watch the trailer here.

I hesitate to even mention the two in the same sentence, but Wedding Daze feels similar in plot but infinitely inferior in execution to the smart, funny, reality-laced and endearing Knocked Up (sans the whole knocked up aspect) which also follows two strangers as they get to know each other.