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# 86 – The Fellowship of the Ring

"…and THIS is for saying that Kid Icarus is better than Metroid!"

The Fellowship of the Ring:

As with Starship Troopers, we had an equally difficult time selecting the kill to represent this glorious film. Ultimately, we figured you can’t go wrong with a good beheading, so the nod went to the death of Lurtz. After using Boromir as his new archery target, Lurtz is attacked by a rampaging Viggo Mortensen. A great fight ensues, but in the end the large Uruk-hai warrior is no match for the one-time Amish farmer, and he falls prey to his blade. As the head soars into the sky, jets of black blood spurts up after it. Not only is this a great death scene, it’s also shocking! (S.M.)


TOMORROW: #85 (Hint: Head Haunt!)

* – Reprinted from 2003